Saturday, October 18, 2008


Last night, I have a nightmarish dream after seeing this 2 fella here and there chasing me off the street of KL carrying unwashed sock. I wonder why? At any rate, I know to survive this smelly encounter, I need to run to a newly built police station across the well stacked neighborhoods. I quickly gathered my pace and speed as those 2 fella fall behind me. My eyes and heart slowly gain strengths as the sight of the police station is just few yard away! I quickly knock and bang at the police station counter for aid yet I was quickly confounded because it empty of any policeman!

"Hi-tech Koban" or mini police station at Japan

Then I notice a ATM machine look-like !

On screen you are presented with the following options. (*Edited from
  • Map
  • Transportation instructions
  • Drivers License
  • Lost and Found
  • Disaster refuge spots (earthquake, floods etc)
  • Jobs (WHAT!)
  • Press here if you are bothered( Yes: This is direct translation)
  • Directions to other police stations ( I need help Now!)
  • *WTF* ( because 2 fella is charging at me with unwashed sock)

  • I need real live policeman, not some atm machine ! SWT! I am doomed ! Wait! I saw something! A red button thingy. Great I am saved and not too soon. That 2 fella is coming soon with their unwashed sock!

    There is "Emergency button" I wonder what it does? XD


    TNH said...

    oh..if this sort of police station are used..all the police will be on call..

    Boris said...

    waaahhhh i think you should've pressed the emergency button rather than reading those. it's not even translated anyway. but wait! JOBS??? hehehe... cool!

    you could've asked the 2 fellas why they're chasing you hehehe..

    Unknown said...

    THH: YES: it better for us right!

    Boris: Problem the button it only produce loud sound like alarm to scare bad guys away . XD

    confessions of a medical student said...

    did you pressed the emergency button?? hehe..
    and what happened to the unwashed socks? story not end yet ler.. buat suspense saja..

    Unknown said...

    shinyin: the button is only alarm button to scare baddies and the dream is short lived coz i worked up for work ! XD