Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

The Demon Lord gaze thru crystal ball again today to search for clues to win the next 4D lucky number yet something pops out. It read as " Silent Halloween" where the legion of undead and demon can dance using their mobile hand phone and head phone forMalaysia’s first (EVER!) Silent Dance Party! So very intriguing for the demon lord. Hmmmmmm! as I consumed a newly fresh baked donut . My inner demonness mind and hand start to engaged in a very hellish gruesome mode to make sure i wrote an epic Diablotic version of the event. *EVIL LAUGHTER REIGN AROUND ME*. LET the SPECTRE X'pressmusic lesson begin !

How can Nokia XpressMusic makes Halloween better?

Transform a boring dinner into Gruesome Devilish Buffet with Music!

Allow you maximum Devil flexibility to conduct concert!

X'pressMusic anytime while cooking your victim

You need music for THRILLER Zombie music video LIVE,right!

A massacre will not be fun without music to powered the event!

Music refined the meaning of random unlucky victim hunting!

Music can really boost your already infamous demon reputation to new level!

Your demon cell need X'pressmusic before writing on DEATHNOTE!

You need X'pressmusic to command your undead minion to follow your bidding!

HELL! THE DEMON LORD need X'pressmusic for Gruesome Donut style! XD