Thursday, October 30, 2008

41 BUCK for a Helicopter!

Surrounding: The depth of HELL CHAMBER

Josh Da Slaves: Dude, we run away from this place, I got enuf cash already!

Tomato Da Slaves: Really! how much?

Josh Da Slaves: 41 Buck!

Tomato Slaves: U R NUT izzit! Even Airasia ticket cost more than that!

Josh Da Slaves: Just wait tomorrow ! You See! Already make a deal with Demon lord!

Tomato Slaves: I have a bad feeling bout it!

For the record,you can fly virtually speaking for only 41 US Dollar in "ROBO-P spinning UFO with LED lights". Technically, it is a small miniature helicopter that shape like UFO and bursting non-stop light similar to Disco joint visible if u use it indoor and in the shadows ofdark! Perfect thingy to scare people or annoy your pet cat! Wait! You can even engineered an full scale invasion on your unsuspecting neighbor or girlfriend! * Note: u have to recharge the ROBO-P before flying like regular handphone*

NOW everyone can errr fly thingy !

ROBO-P features:

• Colors: Orange, Pink, or Blue
• Includes: Battery charger, controller, face stickers
• Manual: Japanese
• Size: 3.5x3.2cm, 13.3cm propellers
• Operating range: 5 meters (16.5”)
• Manual: Japanese

*Conclusion of the above story, both of them (JOSH and Tomato) almost drown at the smelly sewer monsoon drain while strapping themselves to the helicopter. What do expect when you make a deal with demon lord and for only messy 41 buck! *

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