Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who is Danny Choo?

The real Danny minus stormtroopers costumes

You guys and gals out there must wondering who is DannyChoo that keep popping out at For starter, you can airborne right away by surfing his blog and peek upon his most up to date if not complete profile. Look like very impressive resume. Right! Some of you might even wondering his last family name got anything with a certain famous shoes designer from Bolehland. The Answer. Please scroll down below for detailed answer. XD


Like Father,Like Son.

An brainstorming session at work surrounded by anime figures.

An hard-working Stormtrooper on CNN

The Perk. Lot'sa Camwhoring with Gal.

Don't Disturb-lah . Watch it live here.

Really! It took a team effort to pull this work!

Lesson to be learn here. It pays to be Anime loving person especially you can camwhore without restriction in middle of a crowd. XD

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