Thursday, September 25, 2008

Teddy Bear Handphone ?


I been airborning the kilian-nakamura blog for quite some time and can say some of the product and service featured in the blog can quite ......... be super "kawaii" * I hope I get the term right!* like the teddy phone shown above. No, I assured u that it is not that "Teddy from Mr Bean". In fact, it is a concept teddy bear phone ($ 500) named "Kuma Phone aka Bear Phone" stuffed with a fully functioning Sim card by PHS mobile provider Willcom during the 2008 Good Design Expo and obviously targeted to girls that couldn't cannot get enough experiences of hugging their teddy bear daily and now they can do those these things while making a call up to their ears by "save up to four speed dial numbers in the bear, one in each paw, which are activated by pinching internal sensors. It vibrates and makes custom noises for incoming calls, which can be answered and finished by pressing the tail." Something tells me that this "Bear Phone" will be a hot seller beyond Japan and perhaps at Bolehland. XD

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curryegg said...

Wow... cool! This is teddy bear kawaii phone... :D