Thursday, September 18, 2008

T-shirt for Geeks (Guys and Gals)

Who say you cannot be fashionable if you are a GeekGuy/Gal!

I was airborning all over the place in the Wide World Web left and right searching for new adventure, trend, dude and gal, stuffing their c-box with lot'sa airborning spam, Spectre style and I noticed my usual geek t-shirt is getting dirty and messed up by the minute . Maybe I should toned my gaming session or maybe not ! Yes! A couple of day ago, I was visiting a very good online angelic gal of mine Ooops! *I am bleeding from my nose again like very seriously*. Quick! I need a brand new blood transfusion now! Why was I ? ........ Owh. Seriously please take a look at exhibit geek gal down below this column and if you need to faint after watching the pix. Feel free to take a few second break to keep your sanity and anything else in check.

An typical Bolehland Geek gal from Jun-Jun Riko

You are alive. Don't be afraid.Young one. You will not end up like her coz Spectre has a better choice and option in getting geek up without ending like her. That a promise! XD

I am a mean, lean and mighty war machine!

!@# $!

Game On Forever!

May the force be with you!

Yes, We got superpower!

Lol ! Say it loud!

Girls are welcomed aboard! XD


Loves is hitting the airwaves again XD

It all about Geek Love! XD

Interested! Then head out to now!
*Price are quoted in US dollars*


jėss.T said...


lol so chun our geek timing


kenwooi said...

Lol Geek shirts.

I like the Human Readable one! =P