Friday, September 5, 2008

*THE SQUATTER* of Bolehland

“There is a saying that terlajak kata tak boleh undur (once you’ve said something wrongly, you cannot take it back). That’s the problem,” he said.~PM. The Star. Too late! Too slow! That **** guys below even have the **** to not return cold/hot call from ''The PM" so it is a forgone conclusion plus letting the entire BN to take the heat for It!'

“Why should I apologise? I didn’t do anything wrong. Those who do wrong should apologise but I haven’t done anything~Ahmad Ismail ( The Star) Really **** GUY! But thanks cuz now the Pakatan Rakyat (People Alliance) will have more ammo to *bomb* spend on the BN! "Time to walk the plank" soon courtesy of It !" Spectre personally feel ashamed had "IT' as fellow Bolehland citizen. "Really Boleh for IT!"

Maybe "It" never use the internet, Google or Wikipedia before. "It" does not understand world are rapidly evolving that even "Squatter" have their own right and place in this planet.

The Squatter Symbol (Wikipedia)

"Squatting is the act of living or using an abandoned or unoccupied space or building that the squatter does not own, rent or otherwise have permission to use. Squatting is significantly more common in urban areas than rural areas, especially when urban decay occurs. According to author Robert Neuwirth, there may be as many as one billion squatters globally, or about one of every seven people"~ Wikipedia.

However we *the so called squatter* at Bolehland buy our own house/rent room, work ourselves to death with our *slaves wages* to fund ourself ,family, girlfriend ,2nd wife aka car, *duit kopi* and the goverment of bolehland with the tax. We *the so called squatter* are born here not airborne (That Spectre tagline!) somewhere from the sky, our expensive Mykad/passport say that we are Bolehland Citizen with the right to vote, voice out our opinion and etc. according the Constitution of Bolehland after 51 years of existance (1957 for Malaya). Yet somehow I not totally surprised coming from BN and trying to score some brownie point by using racial issue which I again like to mention is illegal, wrong and probably end up at *the Rock* but somehow my six sense thingy that "It" probably get away scott-free . Maybe with a weeny warning, fine and that its. Only at Bolehland.

So when Spectre and*the so called squatter* are bombing the loo. We shall remember "It" while doing our stuff with pleasure and ease with precision like smart bomb. By the way Spectre found somethingy interesting about squats race.

"Squats evolved from the human miners and explorers sent to reap the mineral wealth at the center of the galaxy. The high gravity environment, combined with the punishing mining conditions eventually changed their morphology. The subsequent generations became gradually shorter and stockier. The Squat Home Worlds were isolated from the rest of humanity during the Age of Isolation. When they were reunited with the rest of the Imperium, wars were launched against them in the belief that they were aliens. Eventually the Squats were accepted, along with other abhumans, as being human in nature. They are now considered a separate race, though they are fundamentally human."~ Wikipedia

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e s t a n c u s said...

LoL.. another good read! ahaha. wish us 'squatters' have the guns and bazookas like the mini figurines so can 'blast' them back.. ahah!

sory la wei, been MIA.. lol. got sum issues. Haha. Thanx for swinging by while i was away.. well, im back now! XD

happy belated merdeka! :-D