Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spectre The TrendSpotter

So fast time flies and it's brand new Saturday again . Anyway while Spectre was prowling the street of WorldWideWeb. Spectre found some thingy nice related to the blogging world and especially for both girls and guy. *Using my inner 6 sense* ^ ^ ! Spectre discovered a fashion blog from No! no! NOT that conventional "U come! I sell!" web sites. This blog is quite unique because it offer relevant fashionable clothes using real-life guy and gals (not the usual supermodel pose) at United Kingdom.

It kinda work where the post a lot of picture in the galleries section of different people wearing and posing *camwhoring* plus it allow reader like me and you to purchase it directly by linking it directly to online retailer store similar to that particular folk are wearing using "tag" and "gender". Sound cool right! This statement say it all. “The way I shop is I look at what people are wearing,” Stitsh founder Dom Fendius told Women's Wear Daily.~Springwise . That is a convincing argument that Spectre found very hard to discredit judging from the yearly annual Mega Sales here at Malaysia! Stish earn its revenue thru ads,commission it gain by every sales transaction that at relevant online retailer and fees if a shopper who was introduced "to their site by Stitsh returns to the e-commerce destination up to 30 days later and buys an article of clothing".~(

Great news for people that are sick and tired of that standardized picture of clothes with professional model plus it allow allow them to mix and match from different brand and style using real picture taken from street.From Spectre point of view, how about a little twist to the idea by using real Nuffnanger to *camwhore* doing their daily things to earn some side income if the fashion blog managed to get a hold on Malaysia.Now! That would be great sight to behold!

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e s t a n c u s said...

i just love the way you 'airborne' to my blog.. hehez