Friday, September 5, 2008

Spectre Most Favorite Singer

Yui Rolling Star/ Love and Truth Rock Fest 2007

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Tomorrow's way

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yui tokyo by obay{crb}

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A Picture paint thousand word! Spectre always Nang Freebies yet YUI melt my heart to the core! Just Listen with your headphone on! plus a bit info on her background.

"Aspiring to become a professional, she carried her guitar around and sang at local places such as the seashore of Shingu, and in the middle of the rice fields (sawah padi)of Kaminofu. Even though she often feels uncomfortable when talking to people, she still enjoys communicating with her audiences at street performances in the Tenjin district of Fukuoka."

@ @ ! I cannot imagine doing that in Malaysia!

Yui - Goodbye Days

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