Monday, September 8, 2008

Spectre *Creative Way* to increase productivity!

Let me cut to the chase! The "Bolehland" working or studying culture or anywhere else in the part of the country can be *mostly* described as dull, uninspiring, soul-less, somehow "expensive" in the big city leaving you dry before the end of the month and death-end unless you got very creative paymaster with creative thought to lift the morale of the both employers and student life alike to brand new height. Spectre maybe stumbled a way to increase your productivity all thanks to Danny Choo.

Anime gal with big sharp point thingys to pook you

Cool Saber from Fate/Stay Night

A cheerful gal to keep your spirit high

Spectre promise she won't turn you into a frog!

Why stop at one, gain an army of it!

Different pose for any occasion

Let yourself be the envy of your friends, clients and business rival!

Hell! Let the entire neighborhoods know about it!

Get your own "Harumi Suzumiya"!

*Thanks for your concern.Yes. Spectre has stop bleeding since yesterday* Sigh!

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