Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Spectre Guide:Stop Self-Nanging Your Post!

Welcome to Spectre Unofficial Boot Blog for *shameless* NOOB blogger who loves or by mistake to Self-Nanging their own post *unintentionally or intentionally* and end up be dang by *KING of Dang and his army of dang*. Consider it as "Privilege and Honor" . Let Start Tutorial immediately coz Spectre is quite *stress out* with mountain load of *shit* work these day.


Eat like hunger-crazy peasant (Ramli burger is perfect)

Carpet bom the toilet multiple times to release stomach cramp

Curse Anybody u dislike before posting to keep your sanity

Draft your post 1st on recycle *toilet* paper

Take Pandadol if stress out from mountain of unpaid bill or nanging GF

Do not watch *ahem* video online before posting

Drink a glass of Teh Tarik/Milo/ X'pensive Starbuck Coffee

After crafting your post & double check your blog for typo error!


1)Enter a Suitable title for your post

Like that, U don't understand!
Jump into nearest Monsoon Drain-lah

2)Describe your post in line or two

Just read Jun Jun latest post on how to molest girls
for broad general ideas-lah

3)Paste the url of your blog

IF tak reti, go masuk kindergarden-lah!

4) Tags

Like filing Passport Application Form
Either you are Male or Female or SHEMALE-lah!

Just insert *in*visible Freecap word into thingy box

Press the "ADD Button"

Your got own post on Nuffnang innit. Cong- WAIT. Now. That the main problem. First thingy you must do is to "Stop Clicking" anythingy for a while. Unfortunately some blogger love to click on their main title post! That mean an "Automatic self nanging your post"!

"Beatlemania to the rescue"

example only


If u want click on your post without nanging yourself there is safe ways!

EDIT BUTTON *Important*
IT allow u to modify your own post should not happy with your post!
So Simple that even Chris *never self nang himself*

Press this button if you want your innit posting number (Copy & Pass thingy)


without self-nanging your post
"Again and Again"

plus any *ahem* fella/unlucky *lenglui* have drop recent bomb on your post

For the "Dang" & "Nang" thingy.It is reserved for other blogger whether your post!

*NOT YOU-lah!

A:"SUPER HOT SPICY like *J J*"~lah

(*Jom Jalan Makan Ramli burger*)



*example only for extra Spectre power*

That it folks.
If your still persistantly self-nanging your post.
Spectre plus The King and the growing "army of Dang" will dang
your post without Mercy!

*Spectre Out Airborning!* lah
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