Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Spectre Guide:Stop Self-Nanging Your Post!

Welcome to Spectre Unofficial Boot Blog for *shameless* NOOB blogger who loves or by mistake to Self-Nanging their own post *unintentionally or intentionally* and end up be dang by *KING of Dang and his army of dang*. Consider it as "Privilege and Honor" . Let Start Tutorial immediately coz Spectre is quite *stress out* with mountain load of *shit* work these day.


Eat like hunger-crazy peasant (Ramli burger is perfect)

Carpet bom the toilet multiple times to release stomach cramp

Curse Anybody u dislike before posting to keep your sanity

Draft your post 1st on recycle *toilet* paper

Take Pandadol if stress out from mountain of unpaid bill or nanging GF

Do not watch *ahem* video online before posting

Drink a glass of Teh Tarik/Milo/ X'pensive Starbuck Coffee

After crafting your post & double check your blog for typo error!


1)Enter a Suitable title for your post

Like that, U don't understand!
Jump into nearest Monsoon Drain-lah

2)Describe your post in line or two

Just read Jun Jun latest post on how to molest girls
for broad general ideas-lah

3)Paste the url of your blog

IF tak reti, go masuk kindergarden-lah!

4) Tags

Like filing Passport Application Form
Either you are Male or Female or SHEMALE-lah!

Just insert *in*visible Freecap word into thingy box

Press the "ADD Button"

Your got own post on Nuffnang innit. Cong- WAIT. Now. That the main problem. First thingy you must do is to "Stop Clicking" anythingy for a while. Unfortunately some blogger love to click on their main title post! That mean an "Automatic self nanging your post"!

"Beatlemania to the rescue"

example only


If u want click on your post without nanging yourself there is safe ways!

EDIT BUTTON *Important*
IT allow u to modify your own post should not happy with your post!
So Simple that even Chris *never self nang himself*

Press this button if you want your innit posting number (Copy & Pass thingy)


without self-nanging your post
"Again and Again"

plus any *ahem* fella/unlucky *lenglui* have drop recent bomb on your post

For the "Dang" & "Nang" thingy.It is reserved for other blogger whether your post!

*NOT YOU-lah!

A:"SUPER HOT SPICY like *J J*"~lah

(*Jom Jalan Makan Ramli burger*)



*example only for extra Spectre power*

That it folks.
If your still persistantly self-nanging your post.
Spectre plus The King and the growing "army of Dang" will dang
your post without Mercy!

*Spectre Out Airborning!* lah


Chris Thoo said...

are you on drugs, spectre...

JunJun-Riko said...

LOL... need to mention me so many times ma? XDXDXD really on drugs edi la u...

BLue said...

you're wrong, is Dang team and Dang Dynasty XD

Falcon said...

you are the blog gru...bow to you!!