Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Blues Again!

Today is Saturday. I repeat it's Saturday. Saturday. Saturday. Let me make a huge list on what to do today. The 1st thing is mind is .............. Er!...... This 1st thing is want to do is hit the loo and wash my face, take a light breakfast , teh tarik included of course! Ah! Hell! Let's Cut down to the chase! Right!

My working pad need cleaning. Too Dusty.

Need to update "Buku 555" aka my private loan book!

Maybe a DIY HairCut!

Go Shopping for Saber at nearest hypermarket!

Buy a pink PSP instead of the dull boring black!

Raid the nearest KFC for food ! XD

Now! That is what I call a real cafe ! XD

Camwhore for beauties like Chris! XD

Maybe expand my collection! Sigh!

Whoa! Now that is one very serious *chick* I mean design!

A really angry looking Girl ! Don't Play-Play!

I guess I overdo it this time. Zzzzzzzz ! Yet Again.

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3POINT8 said...

wha...ur room got damn a lot of stuff