Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pirate kidnaps Bolehland citizen!

(Pix source : WWE)

At Bolehland, we have "Punches and chair thrown" by Bolehland fella at Felda Ummo branch meet because they want to be next WWE Champion of Bolehland!

(Pix source: TheStar)

Usually during *Merdeka* parade, we have out own "kereta berhias" mobile floating stage
(i think) to promote our *peaceful kind loving Malaysian* way to Ang Moh (foreigner)
from distant land!

(pix source: TheStar)

Our Brave Royal Malaysian Armed Forces March toward
the street of KL


(pix source: www.eaglespeak.com)

Somali Marine aka Pirate NOT the "Pirate of Caribbean"
at GSC & TGV cinema

Time to rob, plunder, *pek yuo* & kidnap Bolehland citizen!
Fearless! we got AK47, RPG, Bom, speed boat!

To add insult , they using our seized 'Bolehland Ship" as HQ!

2 bolehland ships= US $ 3 million each or more,
65 Bolehland citizen under gun toting pirate = US $ ?

(Spectre@ @!)

They choose Malaysian Tanker because of halal ration on board & ( $!)
What the ****!
They must think Bolehland citizen are "easy meat'!

Send in our entire Royal Navy, Hire Mercs. aka Special Military Contractor,
Enlist those fella at *Felda Umno branch* or etc.,
Get our bolehland citizen free, safe & sound.



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