Monday, September 15, 2008

Pea Up Solution for Emo Problem

I receive an e-mail few day ago and was virtually scratching my head on this ped- size bubble wrap keychain by Bandai . I look left and right. Back and Front. I swear on my RM 7 Bata shoes. It a Dead-End task. I quickly put on my thinking cap and scour on Youtube and found many hilarious video about MUGEN EDAMAME. It can really break any mental block, stress and Emo feeling that you and Spectre here is currently having! View it for yourself!

The Standard Packaging

The Actual Size

MUGEN EDAMAME EMO is *almost similar* to C-box thingy Emo

Don't Worry, Mugen Edaname is currently available at XL-Shop outlet nearby you at Bolehland.


vialentino said...

hey spectre...thanks for nang my innit post and visit my blog....nice to meet u...and u got a nice blog here.

clicked on ur nuff ads

3POINT8 said...

Peaface is taking over smiley~~~

curryegg said...

Ahww... this is so so so so so cute!
ahahaha... i want i want!