Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Penny-Wise High Tech Style

A PIGGY BANK (From Takara Tomy)

As a growing kid at the Bolehland, I was given certain (limited) loot to store inside my antique piggy bank (The usual normal coin box) to .......... buy anything I want without any rules and certainly I was in mad quest drive to pillage, loot,chop and etc. more than ever. Again! I was getting a bit -wee carry away as usual. Anyway , from airborning the kilian-nakamura blog, I learn that usual piggy bank in the land of Rising Sun have take great leap forward in a high tech way in using "a Tamagotchi-esque liquid crystal display and a role playing game plot to reward savers.Takara Tomy’s new castle-shaped Bankquest allows players to purchase items for the game’s protagonist with each deposit, advancing the story through battles with over 180 monsters." Whoa! that a very high tech piggy bank .How to x'plain to you folk out there! Here goes nothing! Each time you deposit your coin thingy (assuming you still use coin right these day) in the piggy bank, you can buy thingy (potion, weapon, armour, *C4*, etc) like normal Role-playing game to get stronger so you kick the monster butt back to oblivion. So simple right!

It's a Certified Idiot and Noob Proof thingy

"With its classic monster-slaying RPG plot, Bankquest targets the 20-30 something set who grew up playing these kind of games and are thus just as likely to buy it for themselves as for their kids." Sorry dude and gal! it only available at Land of the Rising Sun NOT Bolehland . Maybe it is available over E-bay. Sigh!


vialentino said...

nice saving box!....very high tech ler

e s t a n c u s said...

haha...i think i need one piggy bank like to save up to get the ripper pimping for my car!! wahahahahah