Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Great Vaio Hunt Thingy

Attention.The Many. Proud. Chaotic. Funny. Agent Nuffnanger thru out Bolehland (the Contest is only for Bolehland citizen) and anyone else which is reading my blog at this planet. Do you want free thingy like Sony Vaio, Sony Digital Camera, Walkman E-series and Micro vault 4 GB. So the first thingy that you must do is registered yourself for VAIO Digital passport so you can airborne thru out the planet to start your mission in solving the puzzle and claimed the prize, one piece at a time. Remember speed is essence if you win those prize. Agent Nuffnanger, you now officially relieved from reading Spectre blog to start hunting. Let the hunt begin by pressing the big Sony thumbnail at the right!

*Contest run from 30th Jun 2008 until 30th September 2008*
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