Friday, September 12, 2008

Bolehland minus Creative Adult Stuff of Rising Sun

As a hyperactive child I was like question the same, How! Why! When! Where! and etc. to any adult nearby me and the same time driving them insane.Period. And well! the answer is always the same. Swift and fast. A cane . My poor hand. Sigh! An extra pocket money and into my Sgt. Keroro Bank. Or perhaps nice cooling ice-cream or trip to the KFC to stop my annoying rant from disturbing the so-called peace. However,today I managed to haul up more real-life interesting picture from Danny Choo that will never ever set foot or light on Bolehland for obvious reason .

*Warning! ~STRICTLY FOR ADULT ONLY~Please take your time to savour the picture after office hour and in the safety of a private location.* XD

Made in Japan KFC
* I wonder what is the taste like*

Japan Self- Defense Force Mascot
(The Royal Bolehland Mascot is currently vacant. Any Taker!)

Every Hot Yummy Indian Meal comes with free figurine
* Bolehland, Only Price Hike is available every year*

A Official Home Security Company training by Alsok
* Really that is One Tough Quality service*
* Seriously only at Japan*
* Bolehland . In your dream ,dude!

Highly Fashionable Eye Glass
*A good product to be imported to Bolehland*

Typical Japanese Blogger meet-up
Rules: No smoking, Be on time, No drinking, limited to 20 people only
*Please Pay 2,000 yen before entering*

*Malaysian Time is big No-No*

A famous shopping mall for manga fans worldwide
* So near yet so far for Spectre*

The Video Glasses Player For PSP & Ipod owner
*if you really want to watch *ahem* thingy in transit*

~ Please Be Warned you entering now official Adult Zone~

~ Turn back while you can~

~ Your Boss, girlfriend , boyfriend or whatever is watching you!~

The Weekly Jump Magazine
* Sure sell like hot cakes if allowed at Bolehland*

Instant Enhancement and is Available Anywhere.
* Except Bolehland, of course!*

* A sexy Idol pose with an apple*
*Chris must stomping angrily why she is not using tomato!* XD

Available at nearest Mon & Pop store throughout the Rising Sun
* Bolehland ! You got to be joking right!*
*Stop Drooling! Boys*

Napping Stormtrooper, What a Shame XD
*Even Bolehland dude Nap like Normal rising sun folk*

Any interested parties to sell, advertised or smuggled the above "Certified Guaranteed Hot Product and Service of the Entire year" at Bolehland, please leave your honest detailed and feedback here on my comment box thingy! Spectre is out for annual weekend Rest & Relax! Spectre is airborne again!First mission "teh tarik" and "roti canai".

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e s t a n c u s said...

wah..the jappies really look good eh... smooth and silky!!lol (now i sound like the Zohan..HAhA)

love the stormtrooper snoozing pic!! ingenious! XD