Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Art Of Sleeping Outdoor

Today by airborning into DannyChoo websites. Spectre learn that the Japanese folk have a lot in common with our average Bolehland bloke, especially the sleeping part. "Tak Percaya" (Believe it Or Not!) . Let the classes begin now! *Please refrain from viewing my post if you are eating your breakfast,lunch, dinner, fasting or doing anything you desired!*

Sleeping while taking the Sardine Can to work

The Motorcycles Dream

Sleeping at the staircase

The Most Common Sleeping Pose "Sweat Dream ala Transit"

The "God Of Fortune" Dooze in front of the bank

The GroupMore Dooze

The Bench Dooze

Finally The "BOOZE DOZE" with human puke included !

Really after veiwing my blog, we and the japanese folk are more alike than we commonly believe! Do you agree.
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