Wednesday, September 24, 2008

22,700 young fashionistas at same place!

Please Queue up and........
*Spectre is drowning by horde of girls!*

The seventh semiannual TGC festival since the summer 2005 event, titled “Japan’s Real Clothes to the World,”What those our Innit girl at Bolehland and Japanese Girl have in common. One thing only to be exact.Their undying passion for shopping of course till they drop even thou they don't share the same language and but same hunger for lotsa clothes, shoes, and anything fashion related material. (I really pity their husband and boyfriend wallet) and I quote "Everyone attending will be able to use their cell phones to make purchases in real time while watching the most popular models as they catwalk in their latest coordinated brand-name items. Additional attractions will include live performances by renowned artists, a charity auction, as well as the final stage selection and presentation of the TGC Contest." plus "It is important to note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan will support TGC recognizing its position as an international exchange activity globally promoting fashion, an important aspect of Japanese culture". That would explain why 22,700 girl are exactly at same place (Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium,Tokyo) for that all important event and armed with hand phone plus X-L sized plastic bag! It'z really an all girls event! XD

"Symbolic act draws on the character for “mori” (forest), which is made up of three tree symbols.
Shibuya is the heart and retail center for most of the brands participating in the show" outside the Shibuya station. The Current theme for the Tokyo Girl Collection 7 edition is go eco-green! YI-HAAA!

Let the Show *Shopping* Begin!

All the hot latest fashion!

My inner feeling that all the *innit* gals will go green with envy!

My verdict that "Stadium+Fashion+ Handphone+ Eco Friendly Reusable Bag+ 22,700 young fashionistas+ Live show+ Model" is super lethal way to earn lotsa moo-lah within 24 hour. That the truth!

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