Friday, August 8, 2008

Ubah Gaya Hidup Kerajaan Malaysia

After the recent fuel hike, ( both student & working adult alike) our daily "rakyat" life can be described as very damn miserable plus our current government (always) try to tell us to "ubah gaya hidup " so we can try "live" thru this trying time. Okay, it'z my Spectre turn to tell the government of Malaysia to "ubah gaya hidup" Spectre style after certain event.(buy new toys for Army,PDRM, Terengganu MP new Mercs. & etc.)

From land of (much better than Proton) Mercedes,BMW, Feared tactically superior World Cup football team comes:~

Tiger Tank

King Tiger can turn any new Tank into junk

Cost effective U-boat sub ready to terro'zzing the sea

Weakness: $$ in price & oil guzzling machine but superior 'made in germany" quality, no dirty hanky panky overcharge stuff.

The land of M.U ,Beckham, fish & chip,Chelsea

Bren Gun Carrier, Use it everywhere, can carry 8* MP to work even during banjir kilat. Can also shot back if 'boh song' anyone!

Even Indonesian Army are using it. Multipurpose & consumed less fuel.

United States of AmericaThe Jeep.OMG!. Cool. Comes with a free machine Gun too.

Final Straw. Try a Ecocab pedal power passenger tricycles (comes with electric battery-assisted button thingy if very malas!) plus can get Private company sponsored ads.
(PS: I wondering whether Nuffnang ads on tricycles all over strategic location will work?)
Cycle+$$$$+girls= what are U waiting for order now!

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