Saturday, August 30, 2008

Spectre won thingy! XD

After finishing my work today on Merdeka EVE (finally XD), Spectre receive an letter from GSC again after winning the Transformer 3rd prize & etc not so long ago! Yippee! I won 2nd prize for "The Dark Knight" website contest. Let see what Spectre won!

2nd prize x 1 (worth RM715)
1 x The Dark Knight Ladies Bella Tank Top
(Hey! I'm a guy but who's care! XD)
1 x The Dark Knight Joker Card Bella
1 x The Dark Knight Black Metal Pen
1 x The Dark Knight Aluminum Water Bottle
5 x GSC Comp Pass

An really Merdeka bonanza for Spectre! XD
Time to hit the cinema again! XD
Enjoying Merdeka Rest & Relaxing!

Ooooi! U there looking at my blog go to sleep. It an order!

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