Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Outburst at Malaysian TV

After yet another hard work & slogging at the office (plus wet soaked t-shirt) , I look forward for simple R & R viewing the local channel and stumbled............... something I personally view as out of place alongside many ordinary Malaysian viewing an x'plosive outburst shown on Bulletin Utama (8 pm), TV3 channel:-

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah VS RPK

After being accused *the mastermind* of recent DSAI "sodo mee" event in the MalaysiaToday, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah,the lawyer really blew his cool at the press conference . Really when a man loses his temper, let me assured that only "%^%*%*" will come out from his mouth. Let see some unsavory word that he use (the printed black & version for the press media).

A coward
~Not!, that why RPK becomes MalaysiaToday Editor & start to shoot like crazy left & right!

A common pariah
If he is a common outlaw, why people, police & the other side of the force pay so much attention on him? I always "tutup sebelah mata".

One who hides behind the skirt of his wife
Let see, each time I online or read the newspaper, the photo always show that his wife accompany him to court, police station & etc.That's it.

A common bankrupt
After being sued many times for "$" in Malaysian court, any man can become totally bankrupt & easily lose focus but he still keep continue soldering on the Malaysian politics affair on the high & mighty.

Bankrupt of ideas & credibility
He got more idea than me than some of it can be turn into Hollywood Blockbuster or Award Winning Ads & of course-lah, anything you write must comes with black & white proof to back you up to prove anything. Food for thought. If only that so simple.

Dishonest & Reckless
Dishonest to whom? Me. Or other simple rakyat trying eking an honest living that want to take a peek of our elected government. Reckless in driving car? Hit & Run accident? I rest my case.

Really a " Lepas Geram" Session On Prime Time Malaysian TV

PS: I not a supporter or any political member of any political party at Malaysia. Just! If you want to rant ,do it online like blogger where other blogger can throw everything on you. Fair & Square.


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e s t a n c u s said...

uiseh.. got so serious onot? came out on tv again ha? HAIH. i missed it! got replay anywhere? lol.

eversince the DSAI and DASC debate, ive been very interested to see how silly ppl from the giv attempt to battle it out with witty ppl from the rakyat who actually HAS a case on their hands.