Thursday, August 28, 2008

Self Defense Tips From Spectre

Kerja dengan LRT, kereta pun kena curi!
(1 Unhappy L.R.T Dude, his ride just got hijacked!)

Even Airborne sound much safer than crimes infested grounds

No. Not a joke. It a reality, folk. Better safe than sorry!

Street Dummies Guide of 99 way to steal a bike

Since in Malaysia , it IS ILLEGAL TO CARRY A GUN OR ANYTHINGYS LIKE THAT unless u want to be hang at Sungai Buloh Jail~Pepper spray included~ & shot those @$$ thingy (unless u apply for lesen menembak /firearm license from Kementerian Dalam Negeri) Spectre (inside this blog) can only offer useful tip for you especially your girls/gals out there where got @sS hamsep lou (sex maniac) & parang wielding "pai kia" (bad@$$) just waiting & ........ You got the picture right! Hopefully this tips will aids u from getting yourself injured or worst!

#U got get mugged, molested, threaten & worst#

1) Give that thingys your money as last resort.
( Better surrender your $ than your life)

2) Throw your Prada bag at that thingy & run like Olympic runner.
(Discretion is better part than valor)

3) Your 3g IPhone as missile but aim properly (The Head area) & run like hell.
(H/p is replaceable every 6 month but your life. Well!, u got only 1 life.

4)Throw your Stinky Smelly shoes at the bugger. Better barefoot than losing your life.

5) Opportunity . Bad nasty bugger thrive on this. Keep yourself Alert.
Even during bombing the loo's.

6) Sex Maniac. Thief. Coward. Excel in the "Hit" & "Run" thingy.
So it wiser to run for safety to make that call to the police.

7) Seek safety in number with lotsa of people around you.
Malaysian is not that heartless yet to left a damsel in distress.
Run to Shop, Shopping Mall, 7-11, Kopitiam, Mamak stall, & etc.

8) Surprising, today most dangerous place is well, anywhere even at broad daylight.
Never, ever take anything especially your personal security for granted.

9) Screaming for help while running is advised.
Although an Alarm beeper might come in handy.

10) For Guy only, although u think that u are tough like Rambo.
Remember those Bugger excel & well experience in hurting people to get $.
So be safe than whacked by parang & let the police handle it.

11) Thanks to camera phone u can capture the bugger infamous pix.
Of course, remembering vehicle plat number will help police to nab them faster.

Source:,, (Home Security Section)

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e s t a n c u s said...

cool wei... so gona run like Olympian now..! lol. but if in a crowded bus, run where wo? lol