Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Screaming Eagles "My Favorite Computer Games of all times" unit

Dropping "N" Fighting behind enemy lines

Both your Hand & Legs are shaking non-stop, every second passes too damn slow as for your liking even you try to grass for fresh air since you are above few thousand feet in air or more.It's D-Day.The largest air & sea invasion of modern history. Next thing you notice, a green light indicating your airborne unit are given green light to jump. Your C.O. shouted "Get your A$$ moving,now!We got a war to win!". Before your are able to line on safety harness, your transport plane are being hit by enemy flak gun left & right causing it to shake violently. "JUMP!NOW!" is the very last word coming from your C.O before you plunging down and free falling to earth like a Durian. You managed to watch event unfolding all around you, the sky are being light up by AAA gun, planes & man alike being cut down. You could only pray as your parachute is being unleashed to guide your safely to ground.
Paradropping is much safer if nobody is shooting at you.
Today, all modern paratrooper are equipped with backup parachute.D-day. Only Luck.
If you somehow managed to survive,"Grab your gun and start shooting! Dammit!"
Based on real 101st airborne "Screaming Eagles", they can really surround, surprise & cut off Kraut unit, seize territory and protecting the flank area in C.O.H.Arm with machine-gun, Suppression mode, recoilless gun to chew up enemy armor (except big nasty tank) & C-4 sachet to blow up thingzy with doze of all American bravery.They are indeed a force to reckon and my 1st choice to deal havoc all around the map and dive into enemy HQ at 1st chance A.S.A.P. In the famous Battle of Bulge, when they completely surrounded at small town of Bastogne, France and asked to surrender by Krauts.Their commander officer quickly reply :-


(the Kraut C.O. was indeed very furious after reading the answer)
Kraut C.O: Attack! Attack! Attack! Nobody call me "Nuts!"

I rest my case for "My Favorite Computer Games of all times" unit.LOL!


Falcon said...

you really love this game ah..LOL

Spectre said...

YES! SIR better than the RM 20++