Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rise of a Kuwakchai

Once Upon at "Bolehland", in the backlane of a smelly stinky street in Taiping town. An 'kiam siap' kuwakchai is been forced to have a "Ta Pin Lo" aka Steamboat meal with his Taikor when a group of very fierce looking "Pai Kia" arm with blade , spanar & anything else for no reason attack us . My "Taikor" goes down down fighting (with chicken drumstick still attached to his mouth). Poor "Taikor". Suddenly-lah I find myself alone facing nasty looking 4 "Pai Kia" (I think my late "Taikor" owe them lot'sa "$"!) & shouted angrily "LU SEE!" . They all charge me at same time. Walao eh! You whack my "Taikor". I whack you fella back! I grab the round folder-up chair & ...................... After my fehmes "pek yuo ", my group agreed to angkat me become the new "Tai Kor".Wah Sai! XD XD XD

Tai Kor Spectre

See I now look hamsem like Stephen Chow

Now, I knew that my hand is not to hold a 2B pencil (still can poke Pai Kia) but hold watergun, spanner , fist knuckle, parang, C4 to blow-mah & lotsa toys to whack other "Pai Kia" &................ get rich like all the fehmes "Tai Kor" ! XD XD XD

Machai 1: Tai Kor, Got problem!

Tai Kor Spectre: Wat!

Machai 1: Doktor Lin Peh don wan pay ang pau! Wat to do!

Tai Kor Spectre: Lin Peh! Li dat u wan me to teach u! Go whack Lin Peh clinic & steal money, ubat-mah! lol!

Machai 1: Okay. Tai Kor!

Few Second Later

Machai 2 :Taikor! "Kopi Peng" XD XD XD

Tai Kor Spectre: Wat! U siao-kah!

Machai 2:"Kopi Peng!". Now at Lokap. Got tangkap by Mata-Mata coz steal girlie underwear.

Tai Kor Spectre: XD XD XD. Li dat also kena. That "Kopi Peng" very Ham sep Ah Beng!
Bring my H/P to police station & give to Te Tai Mata. I ko-tim the matter-lah!

U See.Being a "Tai Kor" is not a easy job. Haw to take care so many Machai!
Malas to talk moh!

If U Interested to become Kuwakchai, Press this Link.

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e s t a n c u s said...

lol. interesting. but not for me at the moment lar.. ive got loads of stuff to do. huhu. good luck be the BESTEST TAI KOR there ever was! XD