Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Very Short Lived trip to WCG,Midvalley

Yesterday, Friday around 9 pm (I think), I received an e-mail from ROB.

"Dear Nuffnangers,

Thank you for participating in the World Cyber Games Blog Contest. The judges are very pleased with your blog posts as they are having a tough time to pick the winners. Therefore, we are not able to announce the winners beforehand. Thus, please be informed that our prize giving session for the World Cyber Games Blog Contest will tentatively take place tomorrow at 4pm in Midvalley Exhibition Center 2 & 3 at Samsung Booth once our very own Nuffnang Cyber Games end.

Please be there as who knows, you might be the well deserving winner to bring home a 32" LCD TV from Samsung for the funniest blog post! Do take note that if your name is called as the winner for any prizes and shall you not be present, it will be forfeited and might be given to another blogger.

Once again, the details as followed;

Time : 4pm
Venue : Midvalley Exhibition Center, Samsung Booth for WCG
Date : 16th of August 2008

You can come early to cheer for your fellow bloggers who would be competing against the Nuffnang staffs led by Timothy Tiah himself. May the best blogger team wins RM1,500 tomorrow!

See you there!!

Robb Chew"

Immediately my "Kiasu" personality kick in."That 3+ hour journey from Ipoh. Need Lotsa ZZZZZ! Can Win BIG TV thingy. So many ppl entering , u mana ada chance? Can watch Nuffnanger in action & buy lotsa thingy at Midvalley, Waste time only!" However, I let get greed & somethingy (My inner Milo power) to overpower me and this very early morning (5+ a.m). I took the feeder bus to Medan Gopeng hoping to catch an early bus to KL.


Tiny weeny Sign at counter




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