Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My thought on Barisan Vs Pakatan showdown

Nearly practically every single day since the end of general election, while having breakfast at mamak stall, eating out economy rice at favorite kopitiam & dining with our beloved family in safety of our homes. Our ear, eyes & thoughts (like it or not) are besieged, ridden,filled with nightmare & horror of our messy politics affair that sometimes I personally want switch off (hack) all main stream media just for 1 day so me & our rakyat have a breathing space (not for long coz haze is invading us yet again). Ah! Yes! Permatang Pauh. The soon to be the site of Mother of all political battle in Malaysia with the big gun of BN & Pakatan with no hold barred, no mud too small to be thrown, with "hot stuff" being displayed left & right to the voter. Whoever wins it. IT shall give a close clear hint (answer) where the direction that the "rakyat" want for Malaysia. And here the light lowdown on most of the (Spectre fictional candidate ads campaign) to take on Dr. Seri Anwar Ibrahim to see thing in a very different direction. :P
Where Everyday is SODOMEE Day
Nombor ekor forever. Undi-lah kami! Sure kena 1 hari!Undilah Party PC Gaming Malaysia untuk kebebasan bergaming!
WARNING:'X' Brother Sum 'R' Be AXEDParti Kereta Kebal Harimau: Sure Very Kebal!
Votes us to ensure there is roof for "rakyat"!Undilah AH LONG! Lagi Pantas dari kereta FI & tanpa penjamin!
Whoever the calon BN (candidate) is , I really pity him/her. Kena Bulldozed kau-kau!


e s t a n c u s said...

SODO mee? *inspired* hahaha

e s t a n c u s said...

eik.. you know what... i really do wana come, but you see, ive got to mc for this charity associations agm on 16th, morning. *sigh*

unless the things in the afternoon, which is quite unlikely, i can go lor... (you have NO idea how much i wana kick ass in WCG...)


admin said...

Hey dude, do not simply use the pic that contain the word "the ten commandments". It is a very sensitive issues towards christian people.This just a piece of advice from me, is your freedom to use it in your blog.