Saturday, August 2, 2008

“My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time“ Conquer China

No. No. No.It is not a April fool joke and definely not part of the current Beijing Olympic programme to spice up the event. THQ/Relics, the developer have team up with Shanda Interactive Entertainment to produce C.O.H Online, a Free to Play multiplayer game (China version) due to very simple business savvy sense. Currently, there is more than 1 million copies C.O.H of pirate version thruout the mainland (excluding Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau) which proves Chinese gamers at mainland China loves to play A+++ grade pc games in their daily gaming. So, instead of hiring a band of blood-suck lawyer and sues the gamer (which they could) down to their boxer, they decided took a different and very positive & daring approach by turning weakness into strength to push their brand in the mainland market. (Must be reading Sun Tzu: Art of War a'lot these day).End result. Company of Heroes Online. LOL!.Don't worry. They going to release an US. version soon after the launch if you are not very familiar with chinese language (like me) :P. Here the lowdown. Once your sign in and register your detailed info., you can create a male or female avatar (cool), customised or tweak it your way (or buy it from online shop, control it instead of company of heroes, unlock certain weapon, classes & etc, fought alongside your buddy or stranger or each other and many more. Man!. C.O.H is indeed skyrocketing up and away at The Bund. The screen above refer to (soon to be released) down loadable Tiger Ace campaign for COH: Opposing Fronts :P


e s t a n c u s said...

happening! happening! happening! happening! happening! happening! happening! happening! happening!

dam happening wei..!

taking over china.. what would Fa Mulan say? ahaha..

Spectre said...

Fa Mulan says where do I sign up as a model for COH! HA! HA! HA!