Saturday, August 16, 2008

Letter From Boss Stewie (OMG!)

Hi Spectre,

Thanks very much for your e-mail. I just got back from the Samsung WCG event after our Nuffnang team was thrashed in our mini-CS competition.Anyway have understood your comments. The client normally likes the winners to be there for a proper prize giving and the main reason is so that they can take pictures and it can be official that someone really did receive the prize for the contest, most of our clients like doing that.However I understand your situation and the situation of some of the many bloggers you speak out for so just to comfort you a little, if a winner really can't make it for the event, we actually reserve a prize for him/her. I know of one case for this competition where a winner who wasn't able to be there will be sent a prize. If the prize is not too big or valuable we actually do try to send it out to bloggers by mail if they are not in KL.Anyway thanks again for your e-mail. I really appreciate your feedback. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!
ARGH! Note to self: Must Reserved ticket (Bus,Ktm) earlier by at least 2 week. Last resort. Book a space at Uncle Taxi although I had to & endure the smell of roasted duck thruout the journey to KL.

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