Friday, August 15, 2008

ID theft: Just Main-main or thingy Sinister?

The past 24 hour ago, I'm quite alarmed to witness 2 Nuffnanger blogger got their own ID/pic misused by wile (WTF!) dude or gal with bad intention with dose of nasty action thingy to get fast $$$ & satisfaction from humiliating their victim online (for now). The question now arise, are they doing for 'main-main' sahaja or something more sinister. Let's explore this matter thru Spectre eye & creative mind!:-

While 'U' Suffered Under The Fan

When "U" cash-strapped for a romantic dinner

Always consuming RM 1 mihun daily?

"THE BUGGER" is doing

(Note: this is only sample picture only)
Creating An Fake Online ID/My Kad using info. from your blog down to final detail.

Creating Misfit & Chat-Bashing on Blogger when they are sleeping.

Apply for legal loans, Anytime loan & any'type loans.

With los'ta RM on hand, shopping spree on everything!

Buy/Rent luxuries condo

Gold is Forever!

Unexpected visit from AH LONG on your doorstep. (Bila mau bayar!)

Enjoying perfect vacation on your tap of course!

After moving to the next victim , U going to clean up the fury mess!

Loan/Guarantor/purchase/ any action are done by "The Bugger" but u are the one to pay the price later because the pic & info are yours ! Due to the fact our system is not 100% bugger free in Malaysia, many people are resorting & lining up to Datuk Micheal Chong for aid daily. :P
So Beware! Blogger!


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