Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday 50+1st Malaysia!

Get 50+1 Malaysia Book Now by QuaChee
(A Malaysian Patriot & Malaysian Blogger For Malaysia)

Just surf TheStar AMBP editor section few moments ago.............& Alamak! It would seem QuaChee (A dreamer like Spectre, maybe we should form a Dreamer Club together! XD) is contributing to the 50+1st Merdeka day by writing a book about our beloved Malaysia, of course-lah. What else-lah? As I was seating casually at a local mamak stall pondering & admiring QuaChee inner "Malaysia Boleh!" spirit plus stuffing myself non-stop with the delicious RM1 D.I.Y nasi lemak & knowing that my Warboss will only arrive at work around 9+ plus or more &..... HOT! HOT! HOT! ( I think the auntie just taruk extra chili inside the sambal ikan bilis for that particular day)

Aiyo! Now I have to drink lot'sa cold water to cool myself down. XD.

Although I was distracted for a moment by Ah Long plying their trade (the infamous card thingy) & 4D shop nearby. I decide to go to my office earlier with my emergency office key & start up my "Buah Epal" so I can write somethingy nice about Malaysia & perhaps win a book. Something stop me. No. Is not Datuk Micheal Yeoh (although she's from Ipoh like me). No. Not a orang utan in angkasawan suit. We already send a real Malaysian to space lol! No. not batik seller dude from Menglembu. It is.......................XD

Lee Chong Wei in flash. Our Badminton star & hero stuffed with recent won Olympics silver medalist fella is here(RM 300,000 & datukship richer). Fresh, from Beijing to give Spectre an big angpow for supporting him non-stop until Spectre lost his voice, so to speak ! No-lah just joking okay! Is just a senior citizen (who bear uncanny resemblance like Mawi) smiling at me trying to sell his fresh durian using his trustworthy beca as a mobile stall.

" Baru sahaja bomb dari pokok! Mari beli dik! Pakcik jual murah sahaja!" XD

DURIAN. .............DURIAN.................DURIAN.............. I cannot resist the force! The smell ! is too powerful......... ( My saliva is drooling fast from my mouth) . Immediately, my Spectrezation mode (in gear 5) kick into action. "Pakcik bagi saya 8!" RM 45 for 8 King of all fruit. 4 for Mighty WARBOSS ( Hoping to get a raise this year plus bonus) & remaining 4 for my co-worker. Really! Nothing else can beat that experiences in eating durian with a group of close friend.Except my own personal experiences working at KLCC as retail executive 4 years ago & admiring the Awesomeness of then Tallest Building of the world (it was 2004 ok!) daily and ...............

WARBOSS: Whacca U doing? (crossing both arm)

Spectre: Writing " Happy Birthday 50+1st Malaysia! Boss (Heart pounding with fear)

WARBOSS: (look unhappy)

Happy Birthday Malaysia! Spectre Loves U !
Malaysia is Spectre Outreach Forever

WARBOSS: Finished Blogging! ( look more unhappy)

Spectre: Finished Boss! Here! Some Durian for you!

WARBOSS: (displaying an evil grin smile)


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