Saturday, August 9, 2008

Firework At Beijing, Firebomb at South Ossetia

Let the Games Begin!

Let the mayhem start!

People's Joy of Happiness!


Chairman Mao is watching!

Listen Moron! U don't tell me what do ! I still got 'Nuke' remote thingy with me!

Love is on the air!

Multiple Salvo of Rocket with love for death,of course!

Anxious Happy Family Gathering!

Anxious Fear-Stricken Family

Spectre display of Beautiful Firework

Birds of War: Hell'way on the skies

Gathering of close buddies & relatives

Band of Brother: Enjoying 'final' ice-cream meal before action

Olympics March

March to Mayhem

Olympics Joy

Mayhem Pain



(Pic Source: Yahoo)


Falcon said...

sad comparisson but true nonetheless...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Well to me is let the POKEING begins!

Chee Hung said...

dear spectre,
thanks for the nang. THe moment I saw your blog, i knew you post has substance. THey are original, and reflects on the happenings around us. ODE to you my man.
Keep up the good work. I use to blog about politics and the unjust world, but then our PM and Rais has warned against blogger from speculating against them.I mean what the hell to speculate. Everything is so clear. Once our country's judiciary system collapse, there goes the country.
anyway, thanks for the nang. I really appreciate it. You are cordially invited to visit my site at

Spectre said...

thanks for dropping back my part to ensure that we not invisible from the chaos beseiging us 24/7.what 8 hour of work can do. peace & war at same time at
21st century.

pS:to Horny A.M.for now we can poke now freely but future ?

Johnny Ong said...

its sad to see. just on the other side of the world, people are enjoying the spectacular fireworks. at the same time, in georgia, the real fireworks cld kill people

e s t a n c u s said...

ayo, thnx for the wake up call man. everyone else around the world celebrated the one and only 080808 day with auspicious events, weddings, births, Olympics!

but we should also remember those who are less well to do than the rest of the world. meaningful.