Saturday, August 9, 2008

Firework At Beijing, Firebomb at South Ossetia

Let the Games Begin!

Let the mayhem start!

People's Joy of Happiness!


Chairman Mao is watching!

Listen Moron! U don't tell me what do ! I still got 'Nuke' remote thingy with me!

Love is on the air!

Multiple Salvo of Rocket with love for death,of course!

Anxious Happy Family Gathering!

Anxious Fear-Stricken Family

Spectre display of Beautiful Firework

Birds of War: Hell'way on the skies

Gathering of close buddies & relatives

Band of Brother: Enjoying 'final' ice-cream meal before action

Olympics March

March to Mayhem

Olympics Joy

Mayhem Pain



(Pic Source: Yahoo)
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