Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cycling Day & Catch 22 situation

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After reading the Sun newspaper today, the features letter at editor section thingy suggest that Sunday should be turn into an official Cycling day which I agreed is good idea to promote cycling as healthy activities. Catch 22 situation. If anyone planning to cycle on over our <@#$@$> road with our unique Malaysian motorist, he/ she need to consider many thingys & survived the brutal shock 1st. Okay!

BBQ Car obstacles. Anyone?

Endless Death~End Jam

Fail Dare~Devil Stunt!

I'm King of Kancil~Stay Away !

Angry! , just dive~end your car to chill off!

Lizard~I come, I see, I tidor (sleep)~

~Parking Mishap in Gear 1~

~Soya Stunt~

~X'ploding Car~

~Multipurpose Motorbike Vehicle~

Dude 1:~I'm thinking that we should stay at home.Much Safer!
Dude 2: No bicycle Lane also!

(Source: Thumbnails.thestar.com.my, theSun & www.yakkay.com)


3POINT8 said...

even if there is a bicycle lane, i dun think its gonna motivate more ppl to use bicycle. Bicycles gots no aircon

Unknown said...

Hi 5 dude! HA! HA!