Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Copywriter Dilemma about Malaysia

Broken. Heart-Broken. Slam-Dunk Broken.
Kaput. Zilch.Wan Yuen.
Sodo-mee, Death, Sex , Corruption , Betrayal .
Everyday. My thought are sicken.
Seeing my countryman in higher place.
Fighting ,@$$#, plotting , counter-plotting, twisting.
Engineering each other downfall.
In a game of chess for power.
Where winner takes all.
While the rakyat suffer quietly in their heart,daily life & homes.
Their moral at the lowest.
Too low, that they wonder is there hope left?
Even law & order have taken a back seat.
To replaced by thugs,mobster & so-called zealot.
To as they will & bash anyone they don't like.
When we look upon our leader for guidance's .
We got "whatever-lah!".
Our enemy must be laughing at their seat.
Co'z they can march their army to Putrajaya unchallenged.
Without any resistance and firing anything.
Because no one are wiling to fight for the country anymore.
Except for a white flag.
Whenever our finest & brightest left.
to the 7 corner of the world.
Never again to step their foot again here.
I wonder?
Should I do the same thingys?
Apply a PR & off to Singapore, Australia , Germany.
Is this year Merdeka worth celebrating?

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