Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 Strike & Spectre is Out!

How can I put the entire wacky situation that happen to me yesterday in simple word! Let see, it was around 8 o'clock p.m. plus when I decided to log onto Nuffnang Innit. Less than 10 minutes chatting online with other Nuffnanger on box thingy. Something happen. It happen so fast that my ear is devoid of sound for few second. Then it came. Ka-BOOOOOOOOM! It like an A-bomb being drop directly on my head instead the other way around. ..............XD

1st Strike

As I regain my sense back. 1st thing I am make aware of is.............. Pitch Black. Zilch. Kaput. Dark Screen. All the pc at the cybercafe have laid silent & offline. Immediately, there utter chaos, blood (chili sos from the Ramli burger) & mayhem everywhere. The Cybercafe-goers starting rioting, burning , looting & etc....... Ok-lah! just joking. XD " No problemo !" The CC dude manning the cybercafe for that particular shift. However , my joy is short-lived coz few minute later it went offline again after ...................................

2nd Strike

I was very furious! I quickly shouted & wave my hand " Restart the dang thingy again!" to the C.C. dude. As I quickly glances the situation around me , I noticed the rest of C.C. patron are restless & quickly turning the entire C.C into "pasar malam" & chit-chatting aimlessly. (Kinda remind me when staying at TARC hostel at Setapak where the general rules is "hang out" with buddies in open area after power supply is cut off till dawn). But alas, before any further action can be taken.......................

3 rd Strike. You're Out!

THE FINAL BLOW. It send the C.C. server ( many thingy alongside) down to the "Davey Jones Loker" forever. ( May u R.I.P) . It even took out the emergency power powering the point of sales thingy. "Sorry! Today we out of business! Server is officially dead like Ramli burger!" the C.C. dude quickly apologies to us. DANG! I feel danging the Sky if it have a Nuffnang post.SIGH!

PS: My company modem is also decimated at the same time & fry-out like burn out toast bread! And I'm unable to connect online until ......... I really speechless. Never play-play with sky again. It too powerful that it K.O poor Spectre out of business for 24 hours.

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