Monday, July 28, 2008


While sipping my fresh brew teh-tarik from local mamak stall, something caught my attention. It would seem that a new band of killer is hungry and roaming for motorist blood at PLUS highway.

the would be alleged "Terroist" plus henchman

YUP! That right! Recently some poor feella (May you R.I.P) die after ramming the "terroist" head on. How on earth did it happen? PLUS claim (according to the Sun n.p.s) that it HAD fencing covering most of the North-South Highway except certain part (small town smack in the middle, hill & etc ). Here is my theory:-

1) Due to high petrol cost, people are resorting back to driving cow like our forefather.

2) Due to high operation cost, our S.M.I have resort to cart their goods the old fashion way.

3) It fell from the sky, literally speaking thanks to rise "No frill" airway. Now anyone including cows can fly.
4) Stolen during wee morning from the owner like the particular prized cow above(Hari Raya is coming and plus insane demand at black market)
5) Because the Cow has reached the level of Self-awareness to survive and escaped rather than end up as a meal to us.

PLUS Version
Fell off lorries (Because there is no cattle farm nearby the scene of accident) and trying to find the owner thru trademark on the bodies of the cow.

Cow Version
Hungry.Thirsty.Saw Food.Cross.Then.Bamm. End up at Cow Heaven.NOW. MOO-ING happily with other cows.

My Verdict
PLUS ought to something Very fast since motorist do not pay the toll to get killed by cow.PRONTO.

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