Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Idea Contest (2nd V.)

I always use to think that book are only major source of info to learn something (1990's period) until I learn the art of gaming during high school time, college time and I can see the it'z benefit really outweigh the negative part if done in moderation. Since I'm not a businessman and do not own business yet, the best time I can give now to other person (Boss Stewie) is a present coz:-

CONSTANT TENSION During Working hour and after work (weekend included)

Prep and ready for battle everyday

(zzzzzz') is worth more than Gold itself N Helmet On, ready for duty

In Business r Games, it'z a constant battle of survival. Profit only comes if you managed to lived.
I must AIRBORNE "THE COMPANY OF HEROES: OPPOSING FRONT" IMMEDIATELY TO BOSS STEWIE so he can learn to dodge danger, command a bunch of heroes aka the bloggers and lead us to victory anywhere, anytime 24/7.
Coz Really in the coming future, hopefully there will be more happy picture like this-lah!

PS: To Boss Stewie If you are reading this post, I outsource the picture from your blog :P!
The Really Awesome Nuffnang Gift Idea Contest (2nd V.)

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